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The DS-EX from Shining 3D is the most cost-effective way for a dentist to get into a digital workflow.  Uses include:

  • Scan dental impressions to create 3d printed designs
  • Scan impressions or models and design with Exocad
  • Scan impressions to outsource zirconia restorations
  • Scan pre and post-impressions to easily design digital temporaries
  • Scan fully articulated cases on articulators due to open scan area
  • Scan dentures to create digital dentures or implant-case immediate hybrids
  • Scan triple-tray impressions to capture bite and impression data at the same time
  • Scan past client models for archiving

The DS EX includes a variety of holders which allow scanning:

  • Articulators such as Artex, KAVO, SAM, etc.
  • Stone models and impressions
  • Individual dies
  • Triple-tray impressions

Other feautres include:

  • Texture scanning of notations and marks can be captured clearly
  • New computer interface that allows the simultaneous scanning and designing of restorations on multiple computers
  • Open modular design allows for easy upgrades not requiring the purchase of new scanners every few years
  • Open structure allows easy set-up and cleaning
  • Small footprint makes it ideal for either chair-side dental clinic or dental laboratory
  • Open source software allows scans to be designed using exocad software and software requiring OBJ files

Autoscan DS-EX Specifications

Camera Resolution 1,300,000 mega pixels
Accuracy ≤ 15 μ m
Scanning Range 100mm X 1000mm X 75mm
Operating Temperature 50°F – 86°F (10°C – 30°C)
Dimensions 10 X 10.5 X 16.5 in
Weight 11 lbs (5Kg)
Output Format STL, OB
Interface USB 3.0
Power 24v

Autoscan DS-EX Videos

Sample Scans

To explore these sample scans, use your mouse roller to zoom and click and drag to change the perspective.


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