Design and print high-precision transparent drilling template   b264

NextDent SG is a biocompatible certified Class I material, developed for the printing of Surgical Guides. Because of the high precision of this material it is easy to insert drill sleeves, directly after printing. Whereby enabling even greater precision during surgery.

NextDent SG is resistant to disinfectants. In addition, the material can also be sterilised using gamma rays and autoclave. The use of an autoclave does not affect the dimensional stability, therefore NextDent SG can be used in every operating theatre.


Colour Translucent Orange  
Brookfield viscosity at 23° Celsius 1.1 – 1.6 Pa·s ASTM D2162
Flexural strength ≥ 80 MPa ISO 20795-1:2013
Flexural modulus ≥ 2.000 MPa ISO 20795-1:2013
Hardness Shore D 80 – 90 ISO 868:2003
Sterilisation at 134° Celsius Max 5 min.  
The material is available in 1.000g containers.

Download the Instruction for UseSafety Data Sheet and Declaration of Conformity.

The cost for NextDent Surgical Guide Resin is $264
Price does not include shipping - North Americal Only

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