ZirkonZahn introduced their tray and implant planner software, initially available as a free download during beta.



Implant Planner features include:

  • Compatible with DICOM data of any CT /CBCT device; it is possible to track the trigeminal nerve, plans and panoramic section curves with perpendicular sections can be created and disturbing artefacts can be removed.
    Intuitive-to-use application offering step-by-step guidance
  • Data transfer function for safe, secure, and reliable data exchange between the dentist and dental technician; at crucial stages during the patient case planning, the dentist’s validation is required. 
  • A version for the dental treatment provider that includes all the relevant functional tools for implant planning; a version in modular design for the commercial or in-office laboratory, that can also be used for the manufacture of surgical guides and impression trays.
  • Display and management of DICOM data of any type and from any CT/CBCT device.
  • Export of DICOM data as STL files for downstream processing using other CAD software 
  • Import of scan data in any format (intraoral, model, facial scans ...); fast and accurate matching with existing DICOM 3D data. The planning of restorations and finding for the best solution when considering the bone structure and the functional/aesthetic position of the denture will be absolutely easy and intuitive.
  • Implant libraries for all major implant systems with the matching prosthetic components. In this way it is possible to virtually assess in advance the overall dimensions of the prefabricated parts .
  • Export of the planned implant case for further processing by other software (ideally Zirkonzahn.Modlelier) for planning prosthetic restorations and models with laboratory analogues as well as for their fabrication using the Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM systems, CAD/CAM systems by other manufacturers or 3D printers.

Tray software features include:

  • Step-by-step guided, intuitive application
  • Open STL data format - compatible with various manufacturing processes (e.g. 3D printing) and systems
  • Individual design possibilities (rims, dimensions, stoppers, holes) possible
  • Adjustable tool sizes for rapid design and material application
  • Various holders and holder sizes can be selected
  • Labelling function - Holder can be personalised with lettering
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