Ortho Analyzer™: Analysis and diagnostics based on 3D models. Integrates with DICOM data, 2D images (photos, ceph, etc.), and patient information. Enables 2D and 3D measurements and Standard Analysis (Bolton, etc.). No modification of the tooth positions. Includes 3Shape Communicate interface and enables integration to Patient Management Systems.

Study Model Builder: Enables the export of 3D study models in STL format for manufacturing or exchange with Patient Management Systems.


Ortho Planner™: Treatment planning and monitoring, including virtual setups (modification of tooth positions), extraction and stripping simulations, virtual articulation, and attachments. Requires Ortho Analyzer™.

Planning Model Builder: Enables the export of planning 3D models (virtual setups) in STL format.

Bracket Placement (Indirect Bonding): Needed for accurate positioning of brackets. Add-on to Ortho Planner™.


Appliance Designer™: CAD modeling of orthodontic appliances, such as; RPE's, retainers, sleep apnea devices, splints, and more.

Bracket Transfer: CAD modeling of design transfers for indirect bonding according to placement defined in the Bracket Placement Add-on Module. Add-on to Appliance Designer.

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